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Designing and building web experiences

Web design, accessibility, low-code, and open-source software development.

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Software development consulting & trainings

Learn efficient coding techniques that you can apply to real-world systems with interactive training courses. We specialise in TypeScript, Scala, Functional Programming, and more!

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Web design & development

SEO-optimised and accessible informational and marketing websites that make you stand out from the competition. Our focus is always on your business needs, your brand, your values, and how we can best express them online.

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Third-party IT due diligence

Whether you’re looking to invest in a tech startup or scale up your portfolio companies, we provide strategic IT due diligence that drives sound and clear business decisions.

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Strategic flexibility and innovation

We make sure that all our clients get a clear and efficient IT strategy from day one when building digital projects.

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Full-Stack development

Resilient & well-tested software with a solid infrastructure using best-in-class cloud providers – GCE/AWS/Azure/IBM.

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Open-source: effect

Revolutionize front-end & back-end development with our groundbreaking open-source library, Effect-Ts.

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Product prototyping

Create and prototype digital products with functional UX/UI design to effectively test your ideas.

What you gain


Robust IT solutions that meet your business-critical challenges, including performance, scalability, and reliability.


Establishing the bedrock of your project development with a clear design and development strategy at the early stages.


Whether you want to scale your tech team, create your online presence, and build digital projects, you're in the right place. 

A business approach to technical decisions

Tackle technical debt

The best IT solutions for your needs to help you build digital products and platforms.

Business websites

Grow and scale your business with a functional online presence.

Need help with tech?

Whether you’re looking for a custom solution or a ready-made one, we can help.

Design & development strategies for your digital Projects

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