Contentlayer & Effect — Architectural patterns and decisions.

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Contentlayer & Effect — Architectural patterns and decisions.

EFFECT TIME kicks off on Thursday, October 28, 2021 and we'll discuss architectural patterns and decisions.

In this live stream, we'll be speaking about how Effect was used to build Contentlayer and go through its architecture and design decisions. We'll further explore how Effect could be used better in order to improve Contentlayer.

Contentlayer is a tool that turns your content into data - making it super easy to import MD(X) and CMS content in your app.

To learn more about Contentlayer, visit:

Effect is a fully-fledged functional effect system for typescript with a rich standard library.

To learn more about Effect, visit:

The speakers

Johannes Schickling —  Founder of Prisma and creator of Contentlayer.

Michael Arnaldi — Founder of Matechs and creator of Effect.

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