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IT COnsulting

Third-Party IT Due Diligence

Bridging the technical gap between investors and startups through strategic IT due diligence, consulting & partnerships.

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Removing the technical barriers to startup funding

The startup ecosystem should be easily accessible by Angel Investors, Institutional Investors, Accelerators, and VC Firms that play a key role in providing funding to the tech industry.

Whether you’re looking to invest in tech startups or need to scale up your portfolio companies, we provide strategic IT consulting to support your investment decisions.

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Tackling technical debt

What exactly are your portfolio companies missing to scale effectively? We provide the right IT infrastructure to reduce technical debt, scale your IT team, and provide the CTO that fits the requirements and values of your portfolio company. 

We’re keen on investing our time, knowledge, and resources in early-stage startup projects! If you’re looking for a fruitful partnership for your startup company, reach out to discuss potential partnerships.

Equity Partnerships

Independent IT Due Diligence

Expanding your investment portfolio with confidence. An independent technology assessment allows to make better-informed decisions when choosing who you do business with.

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Why you need Third-Party IT due diligence

As an investor, you need an independent technology assessment in place that provides you with valuable and transparent information for your current and future portfolio of tech companies.

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Investigate the technology systems in place and assess the presence of technical debt before you make a final decision.

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Strategic Selection

Leverage the combination of your business skillset with a sharp overview of key technical details of your target investment.

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smart investing

Equip yourself with the right tools to thoroughly identify and assess the risks and potential of startup projects.

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Reach out to learn more about our strategic consulting solutions for investors and if you need technical auditing for your portfolio companies.

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